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Mentors are the backbone of every FRC team, working to make sure we are focused, on-track, and working towards our goals, and making sure each student is contributing to those goals and participating as part of the team.  Our mentors instruct the team members how to perform a given job or task, usually via hands-on demonstration, but also through whiteboard discussion and collaboration. Mentors can demonstrate, but student members must do the work to supply the parts needed to construct a competition robot. 

Current Mentors
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Mentors should be listed in this order, top to bottom, left to right:

Top row:
Marc Rogers
joe barry
Clint barnes
James Campbell

Next row(s);

Jackson haney
Brandon Hjelstrom
Greg hjelstrom
Dennis Jenks
Dr. Jones
Jen Joseph
Steve Mulcahy
Brendan Mulcahy
Travis Murray 

Riki Osako
Terry Ritz
Trevor Ritz
kirstie Ritz

Curt Thompson


Mentors Banner .png
Mentors Banner .png

With Brandon still in high school student, thet both began deep-diving into the the world of robot vision. After several successful prototypes were used in competition, they finalized the first commercially available vision subsystem for FRC robots known as "LimeLight" which has become the standard for FRC teams. Greg Hjelstrom was awarded the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award in 2012.

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