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Upcoming Events

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Houston World Championship -April 19th-22

Past Events


Orange County Regional  - March 9, 2023

First Regional of the year!!! 

Las Vegas Regional  - March 29, 2023

Our home Regional!!

Build                Season

End of Build Season - February 18, 2023

The most stressful and tenacious time of the year that consist of 6 weeks to build our robot for the FRC game Charged Up!

LVL UP Expo - February 17th-19th, 2023

FRC Kickoff -  January 7th, 2023

Charged Up.png

An awesome event expo where the goal is to have fun!! Taking place at Las Vegas convention center south hall  , this expo consist of games, robots, swords, stickers, cars, and more. 

One of the most exciting days where all High Rollers gather to eagerly  wait for the New 2023 FRC game. After the reveal we get straight to breaking down the game and prototyping designs. We have 6 weeks to do this!!

New Members Meeting-  November 19th, 2022


New  members attend an in-Shop presentation given by Team President Yahir (on mic), and he is accompanied by his staff, some of the other officers on the team, ready to present information on their area of expertise to the incoming  members.  New members are introduced to the officers, mentors, and coaches, they are brought up to speed with team standards, rules, procedures, and personal conduct while representing the team . 

BattleBots  Titanic Takedown -  November 19th, 2022


The High Rollers hosted a BattleBots event in our Shop. Robot Builders constructed their own combat robots earlier in the day using our facilities, tools, and the combined talent of Team 987 and the BattleBots staff and put those bots to the test on a combat field ; a field surrounded by thick transparent walls of  polycarbonate. Commentary  was provided by the BattleBots emcee and every blow-by-blow  match was streamed LIVE to Twitch with all the excitement and destruction only a BattleBots event can deliver !

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