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Team 987


High Rollers

High Rollers


Who we are, What  we do, and Why we do it!

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Who we are

We are Team 987 - The High Rollers from Cimarron-Memorial High School located in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Our Team started building robots in 2002 and we have been building them ever since. Our team motto is: "It's Not Enough!" and that says it all. School days, weekends, after-hours, or summer break, we never stop building, improving, or challenging ourselves in preparation for the next competitive season.  When we fail, we do MORE. When we succeed, we do MORE. Why? That's simple:

                       "It's Not Enough!" 

What we do

We build world-class robots to compete with and against more than 80,000 high school students from 3,225 teams from around the world in the FIRST® Robotics Competition!


These exciting, challenging, and STEM-centric events are made possible by the FIRST® organization ("For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and  Technology"), created by the inventor, entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Mr. Dean Kaman, with inspiration and assistance from MIT Professor Emeritus,      Dr. Woodie Flowers, PhD. (Wikipedia, 2002)

Why we do it

We do it because it's FUN, challenging, and extremely cool to build world-class, fully functional robots capable of competing against other robots and teams from countries all over the world. We collaborate with team members from other counties and share our ideas about engineering, mathematics, design, and fabrication in a supportive and mentored environment called the FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC).

Recent News 


Watch us compete Live in the Galileo Division!

Watch a LIVE stream of Team 987 The High Rollers competing toe-to-toe, and collaborating hand-in-hand with other FIRST® teams from around the world at the 2024 FIRST Robotics Competition in Houston, Texas, Wednesday April 17th through Saturday April 20th . Live video of all the action will be streaming your way, courtesy of Twitch TV at -


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All Videos

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