Team 987 will be webcasting the regional with the assistance of "Team Tater" FRC 2122.


Engineering & IT

Cimarron-Memorial High School's Career and Technical Academy is a comprehensive high school that offers distinct program areas of study.



I <3 Robots

Webinar Videos

Stephen and Eric host a weekly robotics show. The show discusses everything from fundraising to programming.​

Our team will be competing at the San Diego Regional, Las Vegas Regional, World Championship in St. Louis, and the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI).

our "SHOP"

In 2012, we partnered with Lowe's in order to build a robotics design center. Our design center has the latest in tooling, machining, computers, and a full FRC field. The center was designed by Coach Eric Stensrud and took three months to construct. Working with Lowe's was a highlight for the team and provided us with the excellent facilities needed to attract the best students to our shop. We are currently designing our community outreach room to provide the equipment and resources needed for FIRST teams in the Las Vegas Valley to succeed.

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