Name: Teller

Penn was 987A made by Team 987 for the game Nothing But Net. Penn is the twin robot of Teller. Penn was made to be a shooter that was made to hold four balls at a time. Itwas to be able to make goals no matter where it was on the field.

Name: The scraper

No images available for the VEX robots for 2014-2015.

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Name: The roller

Teller was 987B made by the Team 987 for the game called Nothing But NetTeller is the twin robot of Penn. Just like its twin robot, it had the same range and capability on the field.



Name: PENN

The Scraper was 987B for the game Skyrise. This was the worst of the robots from 987, performing worse than 987A and 987C. The Scraper also looked a lot like The Roller, but for some reason didn't go as far or do as well.

The Meta was 987C for the game Skyrise, this robot went through remodel after remodel and came in 6th place for Skyrise. The Meta was remade a countless number of times, even in between games. It was the strongest out of the three 987 robots.

No images available for the VEX robots for 2014-2015.

Name: The Meta

No images available for the VEX JV robots for 2014-2015.

The Roller was 987A for VEX in 2014, and was built for the game Skyrise. The Roller was also picked by The Meta for 6th place, and was picked to be the best from Team 987. It did, however, come in 2nd place out of the 987 robots.