​        Team 987 was founded in 2002, by Marc Rogers and Joe Barry. The team was made of only 11 members in total including students, coaches, and mentors. During the early years of the team, the mentors and students were inexperienced and had little support from outside organizations. Over the past 15 years, our team has learned a lot through trial and error. In 2014, Team 987 decided to add a new platform to their robotics program called VEX. Now that Team 987 has become increasingly self-sustaining and innovative, the team wants to help other FRC and VEX teams by spreading their acquired knowledge of FIRST not only in Las Vegas, but across the nation and around the world.  

        In 2007, Team 987 won their first World championship, which was one of the proudest moments of the team. In 2014, the chairman of robotics technology asked Team 987 to help train rookie Chinese teams to become as elite as some of the FRC teams here in America. Team 987 accepted the kind offer and traveled to Beijing a week prior to the Chinese Robotics Challenge (CRC) to experience the Chinese culture. Team 987 has won seven Chairman's: The 2016 Chairman's award at the international Championship in St. Louis, the 2016 Chairman's award at the Las Vegas Regional, the 2015 Chairman's award at the Dallas regional,  2008-Chairman's award Las Vegas regional, 2009-Chairman's award Las Vegas regional, 2013-Chairman's award Las Vegas regional, and 2014-Chairman's award Dallas regional. Team 987 has also won five Woodie Flowers Awards: 2014-Woodie Flowers Award (Jenny Stensrud), 2012-Woodie Flowers Finalists Award (Greg Hjelstrom), 2010-Woodie Flowers Finalists Award (Mark Jones), 2008-Woodie Flowers Finalists Award (Marc Rogers), and 2007-Woodie Flowers Finalists Award (Joe Barry).   

History of Team 987

(2002 - 2018)