FRC Workshop

The FRC workshop happens every year at a certain time. You can come and expand your understanding of FRC and being able to understand the basics on building a team, using tools, and building a robot. This is done within our shop and so are the scrimmages.


Other teams will come to our workshop and are able to understand how to contribute to different parts of the team such as machining, Solidworks, programming, and pneumatics. We also allow teams to use the mobile machine shop which comes equipped with tools that other teams do not have access to. We also let teams use our field to test their bots as if they were in a real competition.

Evaluate Open Shop

We were able to franchise out our Robo.Camp (non profit) and we used the mobile machine shop to help further develop teams.

Making Contacts

Team 987 is always available and if you have any questions please contact one of the team coaches. Emails are provided below.

Faculty Emails: (Joe) (Marc) (Stephen) (James) (Clint)

Mobile Machine Shop
We bring the mobile machine shop to events, competitions, and other schools to help  teams from different schools. The mobile machine shop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that can provide other teams with the necessary tools that they lack. A drill press, a vinyl cutter, a laptop, a mini bandsaw, wrenches, drills, a monitor, and other engineering equipment.


Thu, 05/7/2015

Thu, 05/14/2015

1st District/Regional Event- Registration OPENS
Thu, 09/24/2015

2nd District Event - Registration OPENS
Thu, 10/8/2015

2016 FIRST Championship Pre-Qualified Teams Registration OPENS
Thu, 10/8/2015

2nd Regional Event Registration OPENS
Thu, 10/22/2015

2016 FIRST Championship Waitlist Registration for Veteran Teams OPENS
Thu, 10/22/2015

Unrestricted Regional Event Registration OPENS
Thu, 11/5/2015

Additional In-District Event Registration OPENS
Thu, 11/5/2015

Additional Inter-District Event Registration OPENS
Thu, 11/12/2015

For contact information FIRST

200 Bedford St.
Manchester, NH 03101
Phone: (603) 666-3906 or (800) 871-8326
Fax: (603) 666-3907

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 5:00 EST/EDT

For registration please refer to I-information of First AID

1. The team is unable to physically transport the robot to the event themselves
Your team’s home location is a great distance from the event you will attend and you do not have the means to transport your robot

2. The team is unable to pay to transport the robot to the event themselves
Your team faces significant challenges that prevent you from paying to transport the robot to the event you will attend

Quick arm-

We use gas shocks to make the arms for the robots weightless.
Gas shocks also make the motors weightless .
In case you do not know, gas shocks are pistons that are always push out.
Worm gears give the arms gear reductions so they are not spinning excessively fast and can’t back drive.
Back Drive” means the arms will stop in place and not continue in any one direction.
Motor shafts are always supported

Chief Delphi -

Chief Delphi is the name of team 47 which is located  in Pontiac, MI. Their website, serves as a site where members can search its database, discuss a variety of topics, showcase robots, and view announced events currently has 34,323 members; 5,044 of which are active

Blue Alliance

The Blue Alliance is a website where people can view all FRC teams’ profiles, statistics, and events
There are also links to other sources, such as twitter, youtube and chief delphi.
Here is the link to the blue alliance website.

Programing help -
Helped other teams during regionals as well as outside events
Fixed bugs present in the robot’s code
C++ and P-Basic (for older robots) are the two main programming languages team 987 uses.

How to be Self-Sustaining

We've created Robo.Camp which shows are ability to sustain ourselves as it provides opportunities for younger children to learn more about robotics and get more of an interest.

Which then inspires them to join our robotics club and have dedication to preform the work they need to. Thus causing a continuous cycle of new students. Creating new innovative ideas to be more self-sustaining also teams to be more independent while helping their community.

Regional/Qualifier How to, STIMS-Deadlines, Contacts, Shipment, Registration

First Inform

Requirements/Information on how to Register an FRC team:

2-3 professional engineers for the organization, communication with FIRST, registration, fundraising, shipping, and travel arrangements. You may also want more adults to help with website design, community outreach, bookkeeping, animation, special projects, etc.

15-25 high school aged students, considering a bigger team will greatly broaden the possibilities to participate in more aspects of the FIRST experience.

Teachers register teams in the Team Information Management System (TIMS) and choose the local kickoff and competition events they would like to attend.

A suitable working area is important because this is where members have the opportunity to design, build, program, and test their robot. Teams need access to a machine shop, enough room to practice the game challenge, and a secure storage space.

Tools are vital to designing and creating robots; you will need hand tools, power tools, and access to machining equipment is optional but recommended.  

Faculty and members must take out the time to meet with their team and discuss plans as well as progress, the recommended time would be a couple days per week from mid December to late April. Many mature teams meet throughout the school year and some compete in off season events during the summer as well as have off season projects.

There is a registration fee of $6,000 for rookie teams and $5,000 for event veterans. $4,000 for each additional Regional event and $5,000 for FIRST Championships.  Most team’s budget fund additional material, parts, team shirts, transportation for team members and equipment to events, etc.

Recruit sponsors, host fundraisers, and apply for grants to ensure a steady amount of income so that your team has enough funds to participate in FRC.