If you'd like to see some of our work in FLL, FTC, and FRC, or would like some information regarding the three programs, click on their respective links to the right.

  We have continued our efforts to help the greater FIRST community through team members of 987 who traveled to New Hampshire to participate in alpha testing of the new 2015 control system.     

  Team 987 hosted workshops for other teams on how to implement the control system, and transported demo robots to regional tournaments to familiarize teams. In addition, we host FRC and FLL workshops for teams to learn from the expertise of our team’s experienced members.

  We have been hosting FLL qualifiers and championships since 2005, and have been training other schools in our area to host their own. We also host the VEX state championship and student-run FTC camps.

  These events provide more off-season experience to dedicated students and get more students excited about FIRST.


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