In order to ensure the success of new programs, we rallied our sponsors and community to purchase a $50,000 HAAS CNC Mill which sits in our 400 sq. ft. robotics shop. This machine helps students become disciplined in the art of professional manufacturing by the time they graduate high school. Students get authentic hands-on experience with industry standard equipment and opportunities for internships upon graduation.

our merit ACADEMIES

  CMHS is a Title I school, meaning over half of our students come from low-income households. This fuels our desire to bring the best STEM education to an under-served population. A great accomplishment in 2014 was introducing engineering and IT academies to CMHS. They are not only project-based to give students a hands-on learning experience, but also give them a glimpse into what FIRST is all about by participating in FRC.



  Our team members donated their summer and after school hours to renovate our school to house these academies. Thanks to these renovations and our sponsor, Lenovo, $20,000 worth of laptops and tablets now properly equip the classrooms to capture students' imaginations and provide a suitable work-space fostering creativity.

  To introduce students to new and exciting technology, our team is working with US Congressman Joe Heck to create a STEM initiative in Nevada to develop an aerial drone competition. The academy students are beta testing the systems while the competition is being created. There are 16 Nevada teams projected to compete next year.  

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