James Campbell


Mr. Campbell has been a coach since the 2012 season and has been on the team for a total of 5 years. Mr. Campbell mentors machining, strategy, and Chairman's. Mr. Campbell is very patient with the students and always makes everyone's day better.

Clint Barnes


Mr. Barnes is a graduate from both Cimarron Memorial High School and Team 987. He has been a mentor since 2016. He was involved in the manufacturing industry with experience operating lathes, mills, and computers. He currently teaches manufacturing at the MERIT academy of Cimarron-Memorial and mentors machining and mechanics.

Marc Rogers


Mr. Rogers has been a coach since the creation of the team back in 2002. Mr. Rogers is one of the two founding coaches and has been on the team for 16 years. During build, Mr. Rogers coaches the mechanical portion of FRC and always comes up with innovative robot ideas.  

Joe Barry


Mr. Barry has been on the team for 15 years and is also one of the two founding coaches of Team 987. Mr. Barry began coaching in 2002. Although he is retired, Mr. Barry helps and works on all aspects of the team and continues to help during build.

FRC and vex COACHes

Stephen McKinney


Mr. McKinney has been a coach since 2010 and was a previous student on Team 987 from 2000 to 2004. In total, Mr. McKinney has been with the team for 12 years and coaches students in electronics and programming.