Our Future with China

Travis - "The excitement I witnessed from the faces of teams I helped across the world has secured my membership of this competition forever."

Brendan - "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and everyone should take it!"

Jayde - "They are memories I will take with me my entire life."

Reagan - "Going to China has opened my eyes to an entirely new world and I will never forget it."

​Kylie - "The memories I have with the friends I have made will stay with me for a lifetime. I am so grateful and lucky to have been apart of a team that gets to experience and participate in extraordinary events like this."

Lynette - "Getting to experience how people live on the other side of the world was life changing. Team 987 has inspired me to never settle for anything less than success."

Kevin - "On my way to China, I was excited for the sight seeing, the culture and the people we would meet, but I never would have guessed the most memorable part of the trip was working with the China teams and seeing them thrilled to see their robots competing with each other."

Alexa - "Going to China has showed me that traveling the world is a passion of mine, and I want to continue by majoring in international business."

Bri - "Going to China was a once in a life time opportunity that was memorable from the moment I got on the plane in Vegas."

Quotes From Students Who Went to China

Our History with China

This summer, we traveled to the other side of the world to China. This summer marked the second year in a row that we were invited to visit China. While there, we went specifically to Shenzhen where the CRC, China Robotics Challenge was being held.  A few days before the start of the competition, we got the chance to work with the various Chinese teams to help them improve their robots. Though we helped any team that asked for help, our focus was on Chinese teams  9020 and 9028. Once the competition began, we worked diligently to make sure everything ran smoothly while also cheering on the determined Chinese teams. Not only did our team win first place in the international bracket of the competition, but one out of two teams who we mentored, 9028, even won the Chinese bracket! Both of the teams ended up in the final rounds competing against one another. They were able to genuinely experience the true intensity of an FRC finals match.

The lifelong bonds and memories made in China have impacted not only members on our team, but students from different parts of the world. We are excited to travel to China once again in 2016 and allow even more of the students on our team to experience the amazing opportunity of visiting China.  


The bonds we have developed with the Chinese teams over the summer have helped make our plans of meeting again even easier. Before the Las Vegas Regional coming up in in April, numerous teams from China will visit our shop. During their stay in Vegas, they will attend workshops hosted by our students and tour Sin City.

    The workshop will consist of our lead roles on the team helping the visiting teams in any aspect of their robot. The setup will be similar to that of last year, when they visited us; two days of workshops where they can learn all our best tips for a smooth running robot and also use any of our equipment. After two days of intense building, planning, and testing, they will have the opportunity of to explore the city.

    On the following days, every team, including us, will be working hard participating in the Las Vegas Regional. Even though we will be competing against one another, we will be helping any team at the regional to be the best they can be.